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General Conditions

General Conditions


1.1 A booking is considered to be made after acceptance of the customised financial proposal and itinerary by the guest

1.2 A booking is considered to be final when price, date, starting time, trip/activity en location(s) are confirmed to the guest by e-mail from “Doing Holland/Landbeleven”

1.3 “Landbeleven” is the legal name of the Dutch company and is registered as such at the Dutch chamber of commerce; “Landbeleven” can be translated as “country experience”. “Doing Holland” is the work name for that part of “Landbeleven” that serves foreign guests visiting The Netherlands. In he remaining articles of these general conditions the name “Doing Holland” will be used for the combination “Doing Holland/Landbeleven”

1.4 Every booking will be registered under a unique booking number

1.5 The person who makes the final confirmation of what is agreed and to whom the confirmation of that agreement has been sent to, will be considered as the one responsible for all obligations that are the result of that agreement. This responsibility can not be transferred to any other person

2.   Payment:

2.1 Payment is to be made prior to the date of the booked event by transferring the amount mentioned in the invoice

2.2 The amount due needs to be transferred within 14 days after the date of invoicing (standard payment term) and ultimately 3 days before the event is to take place

2.3 The payment must be made on the account that is stated on the invoice and must include the unique Invoice number

2.4 Deviation from the terms mentioned in article 2.2. of these general conditions is only possible after prior approval by “Doing Holland” 

2.5 Whenever a payment is not made in time, the person mentioned in article 1.4. of these general conditions is in default. For that reason a written notice of default by “Doing Holland” is not necessary.

2.6 In case of late payment a rate of 4% default interest will apply for private persons and of 8% default interest for companies, calculated over the full amount as stated on the invoice.

2.7 The default interest will be charged in full, no matter the moment of the actual late payment.

2.8 When payment has not taken place within 2 months from the date of invoicing, being 6 weeks after the end of payment terms as mentioned in article 2.2. of these general conditions, judicial collection will take place 

2.9 All judicial and extrajudicial expenses that are incurred by the collection of overdue premium amounts or expenses shall be for account of the booker held responsible according to article 1.4 of these general conditions

3. Cancellation by “Doing Holland” (Dutch company Landbeleven) :

3.1 “Doing Holland” has the right to cancel a booking.

3.2 In case of a cancellation, or partly cancellation, “Doing Holland” will inform the responsible guest immediately
“Doing Holland” is not obliged to give an explanation for the possible cancellation

3.3 In case of a cancellation by “Doing Holland”, the payments received will be reimbursed to the guest in full, unless a new date is agreed on, in which case “Doing Holland” will give a discount of

       10% for amounts from zero till €750
        8% for amounts from €750 till €1500 with a minimum of €75
        7% for amounts of €1500 till €3000 with a minimum of €120
        6% for amounts of €3000 and above with a minimum of €210
and calculated over the original sum in Euro’s as stated on the original invoice

3.4 A discount as mentioned in article 3.3. of these general conditions is only applicable for the originally booked tour(s) and the original number of participants.
Deviations from the original booking will lead to a new calculation where “doing Holland” if possible can grant a discount.

3.5 In case of a cancellation by “Doing Holland” no liability can be accepted for suffered financial loss and/or damage of (one of) the guests

4. Cancellation by the booking party

4.1 Cancellation by the booking party is always permitted under the condition that this is done in a written and immediate notice, by preference with an email to both and

4.2 In cancellation by the booking party following terms do apply

       -Till 6 weeks (43 days) prior to the planned date a full reimbursement will apply
       -Till 4 weeks (29 days) prior to the planned date a reimbursement of 90% 
       -Till 3 weeks (22 days) prior to the planned date a reimbursement of 70%
       -Till 1 week (8 days) prior to the planned date a reimbursement of 50%
       -Till 3 days (=72+ hours) prior to the planned date a reimbursement of 25%
       – All other cancellations without reimbursement

Reimbursement does not apply for unavoidable costs for for instance hotel bookings, costs for pre-booking and pre-payment and administration costs.

4.3 Whenever at cancellation the same activity with an equal number of participants is booked again and agreed upon by “Doing Holland”, the reimbursement regulations of article 4.2. of these general conditions will not apply and the tour will be considered as “payed for” under the same agreement.

This must be confirmed in writing by “Doing Holland”

5. Liability

5.1 Participation in the activities and tours of “Doing Holland” are completely at guests own risk.

5.2 “Doing Holland” cannot accept any liability for any damage, direct or in-direct, suffered by (one of the) guest(s) during or as a result of participation in an activity or on a tour

5.3 The guest will safeguard “Doing Holland” from all claims by third parties on possible damage, caused in full, or only partially, by the guest and for which the guest him/herself is completely or only partially responsible

5.4 \”Doing Holland\” can not accept liability for third-party claims against the customer or negligence of the guest(s) by third parties.

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