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Famous Dutch Waterworks

Famous Dutch Waterworks with a private guide

Famous Dutch Waterworks

Tour to the Dutch Waterworks with a private guide

In the night of January 31st 1953 a very strong western storm battered the dykes that protected the shores of The Netherlands, which for a big part lies below sea level. During the war and in the years after the war when the country was building itself up again, not enough money was spend on the reinforcement and general maintenance of the dykes. The dykes broke and big parts of the country flooded. In the South-Western province of Zeeland this lead to over 1,836 casualties and 100,000 people loosing their homes. The storm destroyed 4,500 farmhouses and 20,000 cows, 2,000 horses and ten thousands of poultry drowned…..

Soon after the disaster the government took action to prevent a similar event from ever happening again and decided on what is now referred to as the Dutch Waterworks or officially “The Deltaplan.” 

Nowadays huge structures of high technological intelligence protect our shores and we will see almost all of them today. We will also pay a visit to the Water Flood museum and have a nice stroll through one of the picturesque cities of Veere or Zierikzee on the route (time and progress during the day will be the decisive element for one of those).

 Included: Guiding, Mileage and fuel, Entrance fee Flood Museum, Overhead and taxes
Excluded: Lunch and drinks, Toilet stops, Personal expenses and Banking costs money transfer

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Famous Dutch Waterworks