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WW2 Operation Market Garden Tour

Operation Market Garden battlefield tour

operation market garden tour

Operation Market Garden Tour with a private guide

On may 1940 the Germans raided The Netherlands. In September 1944 the Operation Market Garden brought hope to the hearts of the Dutch that the war would soon be ended. Unfortunately Operation Market Garden, that started only 12 days after the liberation of Antwerp, failed and the Dutch living north of the Dutch rivers were confronted with what is now called “The Starvation Winter”, in which 20.000 Dutch lost their lives from starvation and illness.

Todays trip will follow a big part of the road that was key to the strategics of Operation Market Garden and was known as “Hell’s Highway.” You will learn about the basic Operational Plan, the airstrip landings, the counter attacks and reasons that lead to the fail of the Operation, which were quite numerous. Also the bridges of Nijmegen and Arnhem will be visited, next to specific places and monuments on the route.  We will also pay a visit to The National Liberation Museum in Groesbeek where you will find the information learned today and more in a chronological order, and where they keep records of all fallen allied soldiers and their regiments.

 Included: Guiding, Mileage and fuel, Entrance fee Liberation Museum, Overhead and taxes
Excluded: Lunch and drinks, Toilet stops, Personal expenses and Banking costs money transfer

Interested in WW2 Operation Market Garden Tour?

WW2 Operation Market Garden Tour