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multiple day hiking tour

Multiple day hiking tour

Doing Holland offers you the opportunity to compose your own self-guided multiple day hiking tours. Currently there are 12 connected stages so you can create your own walking week or multi-day tour. Combine your own route selection into one long route or use public transport or let us move you if you want to skip or shorten a route. Routes of course can also be followed in the other direction.

The walks use unpaved paths as much as possible, through nature reserves and country estates. All walks are plotted and checked by ourselves. Routes never walk through private property. Walking in The Netherlands is very safe when considering roads and environment but also in regard to possible threats by other people. We are always available by phone while you are walking.

With a walking package a bed is provided, usually in a Bed & Breakfast, as well as your lunch and the transport of your luggage.
You can make your own lunch at breakfast or, if an accommodation does not offer this service, it will be brought to you the day before with your luggage. Cooled of course!
Dinner is not included in the price but there is always at least one place to eat near your accommodation, preferably more than one. Suggestions, addresses and phone numbers will be provided with your information. Of course we can assist you in making a choice or a reservation.

You will receive your travel information, route description, maps and possible lunch for day 1 at the start of the first walk when your luggage is also taken over for transport to your accommodation.
GPX data for use on your own navigation device or smartphone will be sent to you in advance so you can pre-install these. You can also rent a Garmin GPS or Suunto navigation watch from us. The navigation watch shows you your path without details so just the bends. The watch gives you a warning when you are off the track and gives you a signal when you are back on track again.
Unfortunately we need to ask a deposit for these services.

You can also against a deposit have loaded public transportation tickets to shorten your routes prior to your start or during your walk when circumstances ask for this.

At the end of your multiple day hiking tour we will be ready with your luggage.

Of course, each route can also be done the other way around. Just let us know in your request from where to where you want to walk.

Download the map with the routes here. For more information navigate below to the different stages.