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Next to interesting Day Tours Doing Holland also offers Multiple Day Tours.

To make things easier for you, and to give your possible itinerary and fulfilment of wishes some direction, we prepared some multiple day tours already.
But having said this we are aware that because of the fact that traveling is such a personal matter, you probably want something more dedicated for you personally.
Logically this means an itinerary that does more justice to your personal values, interests and physical capacities and challenges.
The developed tours that you can find here below therefor have some different angles: from a first visit itinerary, to more active and more art inspired.

Please be invited to share your thoughts and wishes with me and I will be more then willing to work out an itinerary together with you.
Because at the end of the day, you want as much value for your money as possible and just that is our objective as well; you living your dream, not mine.
Now you can realise with a private tour something that is impossible in a group tour. let’s exchange thoughts on this without any obligation.

Through the buttons depicted below you can find our offerings on multiple day tours.

Day Tours

with a Private Guide

Discovery of Dutch Highlights with a Private Guide; standard day tours or customised

Multiple Day Hiking Tours

Self Guided

Luggage transported, lunch and bed arranged

Multiple day tours