Multiple day walking tours Hiking in Holland

Doing Holland gives you the opportunity to discover the eastern part of The Netherlands on foot and by yourself. Based on the map (stages) you can link stages and choose your own length in days and the stages you want to discover.
You will get a clear up to date map, a route description and GPS-data for your smartphone. 
Beside this you will get basic information for points of interest along the route and background information.
We take care of your luggage, a place to sleep at a Bed & Breakfast and your lunch. All tours start with a short meeting to hand over materials and information you need and to relief you from your luggage.
All routes have been checked and developed by Doing Holland for your safety and convenience.

Pick-up and Drop-off
You can be picked-up anywhere to bring you to your first stage starting point as well as being brought back at the end of your tour. This service is on additional calculation.

The Netherlands is covered with food paths and walking is next to biking very popular.
Although The Netherlands is very crowded we can present you walks that are unpaved or use small and tranquil roads. This takes you away from daily hustle and bustle and into the heart of the country.
Most people in The Netherlands speak english and are very much willing to help you out and it is absolutely safe to get around by your self.

However, if you would like me to, I can accompany you on your walks against a customised offering.
It is possible to book a private city walk in the cities of Zutphen, Deventer and Zwolle as an extra.

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Stage Overview

Brummen-Zutphen (A-1)      11.5 miles  
Zutphen-Deventer (A-2)        12.0 miles
Deventer-Olst (A-3)                9.0 miles
Olst-Wijhe-Zwolle (A-4)         14.0 / 19.0 miles
Zwolle-Dalfsen (A-5)              10.0 miles

Laren-Holten (B-3)                  10.5 miles
Holten-Hellendoorn (B-4)      11.8 miles
Hellendoorn-Ommen (B-5)   12.5 miles
Ommen-Dalfsen (B-6)            10.5 miles

Zutphen-Laren (A1A)              13.0 miles
Deventer-Laren (B1B)             11.0 / 13.0 miles
Deventer-Holten (C1C)           13.0 / 15.0 miles

Brummen-Zutphen (A-1)

Length:  10 miles / 16 kilometer
Path:       Unpaved country paths (70%); small roads/cycling paths (20%) and other / paved (10%)
Terrain:  Forest and meadows

Walking on the edge of the higher grounds of what is called “De Veluwe” we walk from Brummen, across some Estate terrains to the city of Towers: Zutphen in the wonderful river IJssel valley. “De Veluwe” is a hillside that hosts the biggest National Park of The Netherlands and is a lateral moraine from the ice-age glacier, 150,000 years ago.
A varied walk with forest, water en marshy grounds as a result of water originating from “De Veluwe” coming to the surface as seepage water.
We end the walk on the stretch through the floodplains of the river IJssel, which brings us right into the city center of Zutphen, once a powerful medieval city that is occupied since over 1700 years. 


Zutphen-Deventer (A-2 - Across village Wilp)

Length:  12 miles / 19 kilometer
Path:       Unpaved country paths (40%); smal roads/ cycling tracks (50%) and other / paved (10%)
Terrain: Primarily Meadows and River Views, partially wood covered old medieval dyke

At Zutphens West-side, on the other side of the river IJssel, you walk straight into what is called the “Voorster Klei” ( The Clay grounds of village Voorst); These are the winter flood plains of the river IJssel. Here you can find lots of storks, herons, geese, lapwings and the Dutch National bird The Black-tailed godwit (Limosa limosa). These grounds find their boundaries at a small medieval dyke from the 14th century. The  small and bending old dyke presents beautiful sightings with forest on one side and the river IJssel on the other. Dutch scenery at it’s best


Deventer- Olst (A-3)

Length:   9 miles / 14 kilometer
Path:       Unpaved country paths (50%), small roads/ cycling tracks (50%)
Terrain:  Through Deventer outskirts into rural area, then through forests and meadows

North of Deventer are the Estates “Nieuw Rande” and “De Haere”, both owned by a society that goes back to the 13th century from the very start of charity in the city of Deventer. Now they maintain and cherish the cultural history on 10.000 acres of houses, estates, agricultural land, forests and nature grounds. Wonderful terrain to go hiking with parklike artificial landscapes around the estates, natural levee, forest tracks and open field. You come along the house of the former governor of East India and the remainders of the Dutch river defence system for inundation, a remainder of the cold war. Important and interesting cultural history!



Length:  19 miles / 31 kilometer or 14 miles / 22,5 Kilometer (when using Public Transport for first bit)
Path:  village/city roads 15%  unpaved 85% 
Terrain:  village/city and river wash lands
With high water levels an alternative route will apply!

The little village of Olst is located at the banks of the river IJssel just as the village of Wijhe (starting point when doing the first part with Public Transportation) and the city of Zwolle. This means you will be walking through the wash lands of the river IJssel. Small tracks, meadow and alluvial forests stand for magnificent views and a feel of space and liberty. Geese, swans, waterfowl, waders and birds of prey like sparrow-hawk, Common buzzard and Kestrel complete todays picture.


Zwolle-Dalfsen (A-5)

Length:   10 miles/ 16 kilometers
Path:   100 % paved, urban (20%) and small dykes (80%)  
Terrain:  Rural, river valley and agricultural

Starting in Zwolle City Centre you walk the first 2 mile stretch through urban area from a medieval setting into a more modern infrastructure. Then the fields come up and after 3 miles the valley of the river “De Vecht” lies ahead. The valley originates from the penultimate ice age and was formed by melting water. The higher grounds were and are perfect for agriculture but the area is also known for it’s very important natural values. The valley therefor is part of the Ecological Basic Structure of The Netherlands.


Laren-Holten (B-3)

Length:   10.5 miles / 17 kilometer
Path:       unpaved country paths (60%),  small paved agricultural roads (35%),other (5%) 
Terrain:  Meadow, Forest, Agricultural, Natural levee

This leg has a wonderful start and finish through forests and estate terrain, using bigger and smaller paths. Beautiful estate farms at the start, including their “Estate-colored-window-shutters” in scenic views, and ice-age moraine foot-hills at the end are connected with each other by agricultural land on the in between stretch. Have a coffee at a typical Dutch “Rustpunt” (Resting Point). A “rustpunt” is a privately operated place where you can make you your own cup of coffee or tea or fill your water bottle. Sit down and don’t forget to leave the requested amount in return for your coffee. Don’t be surprised: there will be no one serving you but you might get a nice conversation with others.


Holten-Hellendoorn (B-4)

Length:   11.8 miles / 19 kilometer
Path:       unpaved country paths (90%),  small paved agricultural roads (5%),other (5%) 
Terrain:  hilly heatherviews, forest and a bit of meadow

Even in busy occupied The Netherlands, where over a thousand people live on every square mile, it is possible to do complete walks on unpaved roads, from village to village. In this case the path goes over the hills of what is one of the biggest dry heather environments of Western Europe. This is where The Raven (Corvus corax), the Black Grouse (Tetrao tetrix) and The European Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus) live, all very rare in The Netherlands. Although not likely to see one of these, except the Raven, you will undoubtedly enjoy the heather views , especially when the heather blooms in abundant purple.
Hellendoorn is a small but very nice village where you can find several restaurants. The area is very popular for the Dutch as well and for good reason. Hiking in Holland at it’s best!


Length: 12.5 miles /20 kilometer
Path: unpaved 60%, small roads/cycling tracks 30% , other/paved 10%     
Terrain: hilly for the biggest part, flat mainly paved 20%

This walks leads you from one lateral moraine to the other through forests and over dry heather fields. The in between part is agricultural land where you will walk partly over small agricultural roads and along a small brook/agricultural canal. The high parts of this walk will give you beautiful scenery and wide distant views. We pass the little settlement of Lemele, named after the loam that can be found at the hills in front of us. People live here since 2000 BC. Lemele is half way to Ommen. In the old days the people walked to the church in Ommen so you can do it as well.
The village of Ommen where we are heading is a vivid touristic town that has everything one needs: shops, supermarkets, restaurants and terraces. 


Length:   10.5 miles / 17 kilometer
Path:        unpaved 70% smaller agricultural roads 30%
Terrain:  combination of paths through meadows and forest.

From Ommen you walk through the forests of estate “Het Laer” (meaning open spot in the forest) along the edge of the small and very nice river “De Regge” towards the beautiful small village of Vilsteren. Vilsteren started as an estate as well, named after the family with the name “van Vilsteren.” Officially that makes it an estate village. Vilsteren always used to be a catholic settlement where the rest of the area was honouring the reformed church. From Vilsteren we walk through meadows, old river arms, gullies and nature reserve along the castle “Rechteren” with its 40 rooms. Once this was a fortified castle but to prevent the Spanish forces during the 80- year war to obtain a fortified castle as such the fortification was taken down. Still old though….it goes back to the 14th century. From “Rechteren” it is another 45 minutes to the village of Dalfsen at the border of the river Vecht. Officially the “Overijjsselse Vecht” named after the province  of “Overijssel.” There is also a river called “Hollandse Vecht” or “Utrechtse Vecht” that runs in the west in the provinces “North-Holland” and “Utrecht.”

Zutphen-Laren( A1A)

Length:   13 miles / 20 kilometers
Path:  small roads/cycling tracks (15%) unpaved (75%) and bigger roads/ other (10%)      
Terrain: City outskirts (10%), meadows (90%)

Running through Zutphen is the little river  “De Berkel” coming all the way from Germany. Picking up the river in the city of Zutphen, we follow the borders of this little river for about 9 miles / 15 kilometers. The last stretch goes through agricultural fields and into the little village of Laren. It is not big with only 4000 people living here, but therefor it is tranquil and has just enough to offer for our purpose: a bed, drinks and three restaurants to choose from. And oh…they have a great bakery as well!


Length: 13 miles / 22 kilometers or 11 miles / 18 kilometers (when using Public Transport for the first bit)
Path:   unpaved/ country roads 50%; small roads/cycling paths 30%; bigger roads/other 20%     
Terrain:  city outskirts, agricultural land, some forest

At first glance this stretch is more for agriculture purposes then for walking. This however presents a quiet setting with beautiful wide views and unexpected intimate moments. Therefor it is absolutely worthwhile to pay a visit here. Along the more woody area around the little village of Harfsen and agricultural area again, we come to the little village of Laren. It is not big, but big enough for our needs: a bed, a couple of restaurants and some terraces and a great bakery!


Length: 17 miles / 25 kilometers or 11 miles / 20 kilometers (when Public Transport for first bit) 
Path:   walking paths/forest path (60%) small country roads paved (40 %)     
Terrain:  City outskirts 15%), agricultural area (55%) and forest (30%)

After leaving the city you walk straight into the agricultural surroundings of the city of Deventer. The landscape here is pretty open with nice views and farms. After a nice stretch through the forest we enter the agricultural area around the village of Holten. Holten is a very nice little village that offers plenty of restaurants and bars and has good shopping facilities. The little village is located on the foot of the lateral moraine hills.

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