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hiking network from Brummen to Zutphen

hiking network from Brummen to Zutphen
hiking network The Netherlands

Hiking on the edge of the higher terrain of the biggest Dutch nature reserve “De Veluwe” , we walk from the village of Brummen across some estates to the medieval town of Zutphen in the beautiful river IJssel Valley. The Veluwe is originally a lateral moraine of a glacier from the penultimate ice age 150,000 years ago.
Water filtered through the sandy soil of the Veluwe, surfaces as seepage water and in some places creates swampy meadows. Estates can be found in abundance here, from the stately castle Engelenburg to the somewhat more modest estate Leusveld managed by the national trust of nature.

This is a varied walk with forest, water and marshy grounds. On our walk from Brummen to Zutphen we finish on the stretch through the flood plains of the river IJssel and gradually end up in the city center of Zutphen; once a mighty medieval city that has been inhabited for over 1700 years and nowadays one of the beautiful Hanseatic cities along the river IJssel.

In Zutphen you will find beautiful historical buildings such as the Walburgiskerk and the Drogenap Toren and lovely streets. In the Walburgiskerk you will find in the Librije (library) also the only chain library of the Netherlands from 1561. The books that could be consulted for reference purposes were chained here to prevent theft. hiking

In Zutphen you have the possibility to book a private city walk with us. hiking

hiking from Brummen to Zutphen

Interested in hiking network from Brummen to Zutphen?

hiking network from Brummen to Zutphen