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hiking network from Deventer to Olst

hiking network from Deventer to Olst

Hiking network The Netherlands

North of Deventer are the estates “Nieuw Rande” and “De Haere”, both owned by the IJssellandschap Foundation. This foundation originated from the mental health institutions of Deventer whose history goes back to the end of the 13th century when mostly wealthy dependents (elderly, disabled, widows) received care in return for their property in a guest houses.

Now the foundation maintains and cherishes this property and the cultural history on 4,000 hectares of estates, farmland, forests and nature grounds including the buildings on them. Beautiful grounds for walking with park-like landscapes around the estates, dikes, forest paths and open fields.

On this walk from Deventer to the village of Olst you will pass the beautiful water tower of Deventer built in 1892, the house of the former governor of the East Indies at estate “Nieuw Rande” and the remains of the Dutch river defense system for inundation the IJssel Line, a remnant of the Cold War. Important and interesting cultural history! hiking

In the stately manor at Estate “De Haere” The IJsselland foundation has its offices, overlooking the gardens in English landscape style at one side and French landscape style gardens on the other.

This is a beautiful walk that takes you from the center of Deventer through parks, a slaperdijkje (meaning sleeping dyke: an old back-up security dyke) , suburbs and estates to the village of Olst on the edge of the IJssel. Olst is a village of about 9000 inhabitants that used to be an agricultural community. Key industry was milk, meat, fruit and vegetable agriculture, meat processing and stone factoring from river clay. It’s a pleasantly small village where you will love to stay for one (or two?) nights. Do not forget to visit the working windmill with the attached bakery and restaurant!

Hiking from Deventer to Olst

Interested in hiking network from Deventer to Olst?

hiking network from Deventer to Olst