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hiking network from Laren to Holten

hiking network from Laren to Holten
Hiking network from Laren to Holten

This walk from Laren to Holten begins beautifully with the meadows and woods belonging to “estate Huis Verwolde.” The first mention of this manor dates back to 1346. In the early 16th century when it was located on the territory of Gelre, it has been extensively fortified with, among others, three (!) moats that have since been filled in again. In 1510 it was attacked by the bishop of Utrecht with an army of 1600 (!) cavalry and 300 foot soldiers. That must have been something!

Nowadays there is again the tranquillity that you expect here and the shutters of the farms, painted in the colors of the estate testify that they were part of it. The thickest Pedunculate Oak of the Netherlands, with a girth of 7.60 meters, can also be found on the estate. The estate and country house are managed by the provincial trust “Geldersch Landschap en Kastelen”, the provincial landscape organization that manages 150 nature reserves, castles, country houses and ruins on more than 30,000 acres (12.000 hectares).

The middle part of the hike goes through agricultural area to finally end on the foothills of the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Like the Veluwe, the Salland Ridge was created by glaciers from the penultimate ice age 150,000 years ago. As a lateral moraine (sediment pushed sideways by the glaciers) it runs parallel to the Veluwe and they therefore have strong similarities. The pleasant and lively Holten is beautifully situated here. hiking network

The village of Holten rests against the south-western shoulders of the lateral moraine that forms the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park. It is a friendly village where about 10,000 peaceful souls find there homes. They mainly work elsewhere so it is a forensic community but since years tourism is a big economic activity. Therefor, although small with a cozy vivid village-centre, Holten has everything you need for a pleasant stay.

hiking from Laren to Holten


Interested in hiking network from Laren to Holten?

hiking network from Laren to Holten