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hiking network from Ommen to Dalfsen

hiking network from Ommen to Dalfsen

Hiking network from Ommen to Dalfsen

When hiking from Ommen to Dalfsen you  walk along the Regge, through forests and across several estates. Via estate “Het Laer” , which means clearing in the woods, we soon come to the banks of the small river “De Regge”. In ancient times of importance for the trade by boat to Zwolle … until Deventer with the digging of the Schipbeek deprived her water deprived and thus  hampering the trade of Zwolle. Things never got back to normal between the two and the soccer derby between the two cities is what one could call “very energetic.”

Via the estate village of Vilsteren we enter the catchment area of the Vecht. This is a beautiful area with panoramic views, intimate water features and embankments. Vilsteren is actually a village on an estate and is truly a beautiful hamlet and protected village-scape. There are 350 people living here, 175 of whom live in the village itself, which forms a Catholic enclave in a predominantly Protestant region. The old farmhouses, the manor house and the scaffold mill take you back in time. Although it looks like an open-air museum, that is by no means the case: or as  theVilsteren inhabitants themselves describe it “a living landscape in a living community.”

Later in the day we also pass the beautiful “castle Rechteren” which lies on an island within an old river arm of the Overijsselse Vecht. It is the only preserved medieval castle in Overijssel and houses 40 rooms and halls. Its origins date back to the 14th century. hiking network

Dalfsen is first mentioned at the beginning of the 13th century. Graves from the time of the funnel cup culture, however, attest to a longer habitation dating back to roughly 3000 BC. This was the culture of the dolmen builders and the work of art at Dalfsen station “Floating brick” also bears witness to this. Dalfsen is a cozy, lively village that offers ample opportunities for a short stay.

hiking from Ommen to Dalfsen

Interested in hiking network from Ommen to Dalfsen?

hiking network from Ommen to Dalfsen