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hiking network from Deventer to Laren

hiking network from Deventer to Laren

Hiking network from Deventer to Laren

From the center of Deventer you walk through the suburb Oost, with the typical English soccer stadium “de Adelaarshorst” (Eagles nest) of soccer club Go Ahead Eagles and through the suburb Colmschate out of the province of Overijssel. When you look at the map, it may not seem like a walking area at first glance, but that is why it is very quiet and rural and we have managed to set out a nice walk here.

The agricultural land regularly reveals surprisingly intimate corners and beautiful views. So this walk from Deventer to Laren is definitely worth it. Along the more wooded area of Harfsen we come to agricultural land again when hiking into the village of Laren.

The village of Harfsen used to be 3 kilometers more south than it is now. Former Harfsen was so damaged during the fighting around the liberation in the second world war that it was rebuilt elsewhere under the same name. More than 50 farms were destroyed at that time. Harfsen today therefor has a more modern after war building style.

The village of Laren, known for its estates, is not large with only 4000 inhabitants but they have beds, restaurants, terraces and a fantastic bakery.

hiking from Deventer to Laren

Interested in hiking network from Deventer to Laren?

hiking network from Deventer to Laren