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Amsterdam Highlight Tour /City Walk Sightseeing Amsterdam
Amsterdam WWII Tour/City Walk Amsterdam
Rotterdam Highlight Tour/ City Walk Rotterdam
Operation Market Garden/Full day WWII
Famous Dutch Waterworks /Dealing with water
Giethoorn/Picturesque water village
Giethoorn & NP “De Weerribben/Comparison  nature and culture
Windmills and Fishermen/Dutch cultural history
Bike, Van Gogh & Medieval Deventer/Active, art & a beautiful city

About the Tours

From Dam Square, to The old church  and to the dancing houses
From Dam Square to the Resistance museum via the Jewish Neighborhood
From Central Station to the cubic houses and the old harbour
Everything about a bridge to far following Hell’s Highway
About a storm flood and the resulting engineering masterpieces
How peat Moore excavations resulted in a still car-free water village
A comparison between a peat moor swamp and a peat moor settlement
From The Zaanse Schans Windmills to The fishermen village of Marken
A fantastic collection of art combined with one of the country’s most beautiful medieval cities

Amsterdam Walking Tour

Amsterdam Walking Tour

Amsterdam is one of the biggest Capitals of Europe. By name that is. An International city or maybe even the most international city in the world, where 800.000 people of a 180 nationalities found a place to live, to work and feel free and happy.

Although relatively young (1100 DC) compared to other European cities, Amsterdam has a magnificent interesting history that shows itself in a practically untouched and well preserved setting. Get yourself an Amsterdam Tour guide.

Join me on an approximately 3 hour long walking tour in Amsterdam and learn more about Dam Square, The Old Church, The Red Light District and it’s history and the famous Canals of Amsterdam…and many, many more! A sightseeing excursion in Amsterdam….get Amsterdamned the pleasant way!

Included: Guiding, Overhead and taxes
Excluded: Personal expenses, drinks, toilet stops, Banking costs money transfer

Please Note: If you should have any special requests like a combination with for example The Anne Frank House, The Van Gogh Museum, a Canal Tour or any other thing that seems interesting to you, then please sent me an email and I will built a customised tour for you.

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Amsterdam WW2 Walking Tour

Amsterdam WW2 Occupation

On May 10th 1940 Hitlers army raided The Netherlands after which the Dutch Government capitulated on May 15th. The Netherlands are now occupied and a dark, almost five year lasting period started.

Participate, Adapt or Resist became the most important question for every single person, except from surviving. But how? Hardly anyone had to answer this question before!

This walking tour gives you thoughts and answers in a more or less chronological and therefor logical order. A visit to The National Resistance Museum ends the tour to wrap up anything you heared and did not hear today.

Included: Guiding, Overhead and taxes, Entrance fee Resistance Museum
Excluded: Personal expenses, Drinks, Toilet stops, Banking costs money transfer

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Rotterdam Walking Tour

Rotterdam Walking Tour

Rotterdam used to be the biggest harbour in the world and still is the biggest harbour in Europe today. During the Second world war Rotterdam Centre has been bombed more then once. In Rotterdam The famous Holland America Line had its headquarters.

This city with its 650.000 citizens has a lot to offer. In a 3 hour walking discovery we will walk from the city center to the old Harbour at the borders of the river The New Meuse. Whilst walking we will sense the atmosphere of this vivid city that is so much different from Amsterdam. Let’s eat some herring at one of the biggest street markets of Europe, smell the food in the modern covered Market Hall and be surprised by the architecture of the cubic houses that we will visit when they are open. How can you live in a house that consists of diagonal walls?

Depending on the start location and distance we may use public transport to get around and back. This will be mentioned in the personal proposal you will receive.

 Included: Guiding, Mileage and fuel, Entrance fee Liberation Museum, Overhead and taxes
 Excluded: Lunch and drinks, Toilet stops, Personal expenses and Banking costs money transfer

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Operation Market Garden Tour

Operation Market Garden

On may 1940 the Germans raided The Netherlands. In September 1944 the Operation Market Garden brought hope to the hearts of the Dutch that the war would soon be ended. Unfortunately Operation Market Garden, that started only 12 days after the liberation of Antwerp, failed and the Dutch living north of the Dutch rivers were confronted with what is now called “The Starvation Winter”, in which 20.000 Dutch lost their lives from starvation and illness.

Todays trip will follow a big part of the road that was key to the strategics of Operation Market Garden and was known as “Hell’s Highway.” You will learn about the basic Operational Plan, the airstrip landings, the counter attacks and reasons that lead to the fail of the Operation, which were quite numerous. Also the bridges of Nijmegen and Arnhem will be visited, next to specific places and monuments on the route.  We will also pay a visit to The National Liberation Museum in Groesbeek where you will find the information learned today and more in a chronological order, and where they keep records of all fallen allied soldiers and their regiments.

 Included: Guiding, Mileage and fuel, Entrance fee Liberation Museum, Overhead and taxes
 Excluded: Lunch and drinks, Toilet stops, Personal expenses and Banking costs money transfer

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Famous Dutch Waterworks Tour

Dutch Waterworks

In the night of January 31st 1953 a very strong western storm battered the dykes that protected the shores of The Netherlands, which for a big part lies below sea level. During the war and in the years after the war when the country was building itself up again, not enough money was spend on the reinforcement and general maintenance of the dykes. The dykes broke and big parts of the country flooded. In the South-Western province of Zeeland this lead to over 1,836 casualties and 100,000 people loosing their homes. The storm destroyed 4,500 farmhouses and 20,000 cows, 2,000 horses and ten thousands of poultry drowned…..

Soon after the disaster the government took action to prevent a similar event from ever happening again and called of what are now known as the Dutch Deltaplan. 

Nowadays huge structures of high technological intelligence protect our borders and we will see almost all of them today. We will also pay a visit to the Water Flood museum and have a nice stroll through one of the picturesque cities of Veere or Zierikzee on the route (time and progress during the day will be the decisive element for one of those).

 Included: Guiding, Mileage and fuel, Entrance fee Flood Museum, Overhead and taxes
 Excluded: Lunch and drinks, Toilet stops, Personal expenses and Banking costs money transfer

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Giethoorn water village

Giethoorn Tour

Life was harsh when you had to live it as a Peat-Moor labourer. Out in the swamp every day and all year long, no matter what weather conditions you had to face. When the work was done the peat-moor bricks had to be transported back to the village. A water village where, still today, in the old parts no cars are present. Small boats are the main method of transport here, sailing the bended canals with high bridges that are bordered by beautiful houses, once belonging to the peat-moor bosses. Strange shaped as well those farmhouses…..come and learn about the village of Giethoorn in a private boat.

 Included: Guiding, Mileage and fuel, Boat rental, Overhead and taxes
 Excluded: Lunch and drinks, Toilet stops, Personal expenses and Banking costs money transfer

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Weerribben and giethoorn

NP The Weerribben and Giethoorn Tour

National Park “De Weerribben” is one of the most beautiful National Parks of The Netherlands. It’s current swampy presentation is the result of peat-moor excavations resulting in an assembly of small canals and strips of land. “De Weerribben” is one of the most important swamp area’s of Europe. Here you will find no cars.

Water village Giethoorn is, like National Park “de Weerribben”, the result of peat-moor excavations. Giethoorn however has developed more to a site of cultural heritage. Giethoorns characteristic canals and it’s typical farmhouses are completely different to the National Park. Here cars are not allowed.

In this tour we will make the comparison between natural heritage versus cultural heritage as the result of one and the same activity. You will be surprised to see the difference. And the similarity.

We will start at the National Park where we go into the swamp for about 2 hours with a small electric boat. Then we will repeat this exercise in Giethoorn with a private boat trip of about 1,5 hours. In Giethoorn you will have time to stretch your legs along the canals.

In this tour a lunch will be included…home prepared, including Dutch cheeses….to be appreciated in open air (if weather permits).

 Included: Guiding, Dutch home made lunch, Mileage and fuel, rental boats, Overhead and taxes
 Excluded: Toilet stops, Personal expenses and Banking costs money transfer

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Windmills and fishermen

The area North of Amsterdam in the 17th century used to be the biggest industrial area of North-Western Europe; 600 windmills were graining, cutting, pressing materials for prosperity.
The Golden Age….and we could not have done it without them!

Fishing in the old days was, especially at the borders of the former “Southern See”, currently known as “The IJssel Lake”, one of the most common professions in The Netherlands.
Although the industry disappeared for the biggest part after the built of the enclosure dyke in 1930, making the salty sea a sweet water lake, the picturesque fishermen villages are still there.

In this tour we will visit the Cultural heritage site Zaanse Schans where we will also visit a working windmill. On our way to the fishermen village of Marken we will have a small presentation on making wooden shoes and making cheese. There you will also have the chance of tasting and buying cheese, wooden shoes and souvenirs.
We will have lunch depending on our progress in the day and the feel of our stomach.

Included: Guiding, Entrance fee windmill,  Presentation wooden shoes and cheese making, Mileage and fuel, Overhead and taxes
Excluded: Lunch, Toilet stops, Personal expenses and Banking costs money transfer

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Van Gogh Deventer Tour

Bike Van Gogh Medieval city

The middle of The Netherlands is formed in the Ice Age of 150,000 years ago. The remainder of a side moraine now form what we call “Dutch Mountains” or “The Veluwe Massif”… can tell we are proud of these 80 meter high elevations by the name we use for them. Nevertheless this area forms the biggest National Park of The Netherlands where you can ride a bike through forests and crossing heather fields.
Located in the park is the “Kröller-Müller Museum” that has a wonderful collection of Van Gogh paintings, paintings of other artists, modern art and a garden with a big collection of sculptures.

This is our morning program and we will have a Dutch Home Made Lunch including Dutch cheeses and Dutch wine somewhere in the field (weather permitting).

After handing over our bikes we go to the city of Deventer. Deventer is one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands and is beautifully restored. It has the oldest stone house and the most beautiful market place of The Netherlands. No wonder that lonely planet added it in their travel guide!
The city also used to be the refuge city for the Bishop of Utrecht and for that reason had a “Latin School”. Students were for example the philosopher Erasmus and Gerard Groote (Gerhard Groet/Gerardus Magnus) who was founder of the Modern Devotion movement (Devotio Moderna).

A beautiful, interesting city but cosy and tranquil with wonderful views and nice shopping streets.

Included: Guiding, Dutch Lunch,  Entrance fee Kröller-Müller Museum, E-bike rental, Mileage and fuel, Overhead and taxes
Excluded: Toilet stops, Personal expenses and Banking costs money transfer

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