Welcome to my renewed website

Welcome to my renewed website, 7 years after launching the first one.
Sometimes changes are needed, isn’t it? Your insights change, your knowledge changes as well as your path. Or should I say that my path is becoming more and more clear? No matter what, the original site “Landbeleven” (which stands for country experience) is supported now by the English spin-off under the name “Doing Holland.”
Doing Holland offers day trips, multiple day trips and the possibility to plan your own multi-day walking holidays by chaining up the several stages that are available. The number of stages will be expanded in the future.
You plan your stages and I take care of your overnight stay, your lunch and the transportation of your luggage. Of course you will receive a detailed route description and background information.

My path changes, my world becomes bigger and I invite you to be a part of this. Just contact me with any of your questions, all my services are custom made when needed.