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We offer you private guided tours in The Netherlands

Welcome to Doing Holland, your premier destination for unforgettable day trips in The Netherlands!
Established in 2011, we take pride in offering exceptional day trips in The Netherlands, multiple-day tours, hiking trips,
and the luxury of personalized service with a private guide and private transportation.

Private guided tours in The Netherlands


Why Choose Doing Holland for your private guided tours?


Unmatched Expertise
Tailored Experience
Personalized Service
With over a decade of experience, and roaming the country for 50 years, we have extensive knowledge of the most interesting destinations in The Netherlands. It all started with love for nature before adding general Dutch history and cultural history. We carefully craft each tour, ensuring an attractive blend of cultural enrichment, scenic beauty and lasting memories.
Your journey is as unique as you are. We cater to your preferences, allowing you to explore at your pace and delve into the aspects of each destination that matters most to you, wether you book a standard tour, a pre-planned multiple day tour or a fully customized one. Everything can be optimized for you personally.
We understand that every traveler has unique needs. This begins with your initial inquiry, and it doesn’t end until we say goodbye. 
Using a private guide means flexibility, time to reflect and exchange thoughts on observations and time for questions, a leisurely pace, no group hassle and a maximum you-count feeling.

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Your Dutch tour begins here – since 2011. Contact us with your questions! Free enquiries, maximum support!

Navigate to our privat guided tours here
Navigate to our private guided tours here
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